Our Client - Sea Place

Sea Place is an amazing beach side property in Saint Augustine, Florida offering everything necessary for the perfect vacation. With two and three bedroom townhouses for rent throughout the year it is the perfect vacation home. Deluxe townhouses are also available, which are two stories including two balconies. All of the guests have a view of the ocean in any of the townhouses. Renting in Sea Place gives access to the restaurants, shops, and entertainment in Saint Augustine Beach, Florida. Sea Place condominiums offer two pools and a lake for a vacationer’s pleasure and it also has a boardwalk allowing private access to the beach. With tennis and racquetball courts, it is a vacationer's dream. There is also an abundance of relaxing and exciting things to do at Sea Place to ensure you get the most out of your vacation.

This fine client trusts McCrary’s Plumbing and calls for all needs: