Commercial Services - Restroom Disinfection & Odor Control

McCrary’s Plumbing offers superior restroom maintenance and sanitizing services using a variety of proven-effective disinfection and odor removal solutions. Our goal is to keep your businesses’ restrooms clean, safe and pleasant for customers and employees to use at all times.

Consistent cleanliness with no business disruption

McCrary’s Plumbing plumbers are highly trained specialists who respect your business needs--and your schedule. We won’t interrupt the flow of your business as our experienced plumbing professionals handle their duties. We realize that successful businesses like yours rely upon maximum uptime, therefore we arrange to complete our restroom disinfection and odor removal services when your business is closed—or at any time you prefer. In emergencies, like a cleanup prior to a health inspection, post-flood cleaning or long overdue restroom sanitation, we get you up and running as soon as possible.

Industry-specific services

McCrary’s Plumbing excels at commercial restroom facility disinfection and odor removal. Our services help your company avoid safety and health issues. McCrary’s Plumbing services prevent property damage by helping you avoid plumbing leaks and mold growth. We offer sanitization and maintenance services tailored to your industry with specialized tools, targeted treatments and purpose-specific cleaning products.

McCrary’s Plumbing solves common restroom sanitation problems

  • Floor drains and sink traps emit noxious smells.
  • Trash cans, waste bins and garbage receptacles give off unhealthy, unpleasant, lingering odors. Targeted treatments are needed.
  • Plumbing odors linger in toilets.
  • Cigarette smoke odor plagues bars, hotel rooms and public smoking areas or accommodations.
  • Uric crystals and mineral build up in urinals and drain lines cause foul smells as well as blockage and plumbing damage.
  • Foul odors and neglected or unprofessional maintenance, in general, broadcast poor hygiene and low customer care standards.
  • Serious and expensive plumbing clogs, backups, damage, breakdowns and business disruption can also be caused by the buildup of these odorous materials.

McCrary’s Plumbing uses sanitizing solutions designed to:

  • Dissolve and eliminate mineral buildup
  • Prevent blockages caused by buildup
  • Deodorize porcelain toilet and sink surfaces.

Our technicians also disinfect and treat walls and floors, providing complete sanitation services and install atomizers or drip-feed treatment systems. Our expert plumbers provide scheduled maintenance visits to ensure your satisfaction.

Keep your staff on task, running your business--rather than cleaning/maintaining the restroom

Reduce need for de-scaling and other major maintenance

Help prevent emergencies like blockages, drainage or toilet backups, floods and breakdowns

Remember, regular restroom maintenance, including disinfection and odor removal save you money..

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  • Yearly

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